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Every jump we make is dedicated to those that have paid the ultimate price to protect our way of life.
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On your decision to make a skydive over the amazing Sarasota and Tampa Bay area, and congratulations on choosing Skydive Sarasota. We have a proven record of safety and first rate customer service.  Come enjoy the amazing views 2 miles above the Sarasota and Tampa Bay coast line.  Your first tandem skydive should be something special.   


    SKYDIVE Sarasota!

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Tandem Jump$260.00

Wrist mounted video (un-edited) —$40.00

(please bring a flash drive/memory card to download your video) 

The Ocean View Beach Landing Skydive is an extraordinary jump that is only available at Skydive Sarasota.  The additional costs of providing this special jump have been reduced as much as possible to offer this service to our customers.  We do not participate in any Groupons or other programs that might be available.

Your Skydive should be something extraordinary!

Sarasota Florida

Skydive Sarasota Florida - Beach Jumping

Why Choose Skydive Sarasota?

Make a skydive over Sarasota!

The instructional staff of Skydive Sarasota FL has been providing tandem jumping for the greater Sarasota  and Tampa  Bay areas for over 18 years. Our operation is managed by prior military instructors with thousands of tandem skydives and a 100% safety record. We specialize in tandem skydiving ~ That’s What We Do!  We have a reputation for our dedication to individual personalized service. We understand you making this skydive is a significant event. As it should be! You are going to be jumping from an airplane! Over Sarasota!

Our proven record of professionalism, safety and customer satisfaction will guarantee that you have chosen the right place to make a skydive in Sarasota.

The Amazing View!


You have decided to go skydiving.  That is an amazing decision that you will remember for a long time.  Not many locations on our planet will give you the breath taking views you will see here as Skydive Sarasota.  You will see the coast line from St Petersburg to Port Charlotte.  You will experience Tampa Bay and Sarasota like never before.  If you are going to make a tandem skydive in the Sarasota area,  Do it right!

Call us now and lets get the adventure started!

Tandem Jump - Freefalling - Skydiving

Congratulations on choosing Skydive Sarasota Florida!

Skydive Sarasota also offers tandem skydiving services at South Lakeland Airport with our partners Skydive Tampa.  At this location you will see the amazing Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg coast line.  Our jumps at Skydive Tampa are also provided at a reduced rate.  If you are interested, please call us here at Skydive Sarasota to get details about jumping in the Tampa area.

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