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Every jump we make is dedicated to those that have paid the ultimate price to protect our way of life.
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The Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydiving is without question both the safest and easiest method of experiencing skydiving. Even if your goal is to become a qualified skydiver, the first tandem experience is the best initial exposure to the sport.  At Skydive Sarasota we specialize in this procedure.  We will guide you through your Tandem Skydive like we have for thousands of other satified customers. 


Sarasota Skydiving

You can make your skydive with minimal ground preparation, and virtually no responsibility on your part. You are jumping with a highly qualified instructor that is responsible for the entire jump. Your responsibility is to enjoy the experience and take it all in. Just about anyone is capable of skydiving. Including You!

The equipment here at Skydive Sarasota is a specialized parachute system only made for tandem jumping. Decades of test jumps and engineering have led to the development of the safest and advanced system available. The tandem parachute is the most researched and safety redundant parachute of any kind. The system has two major components, The parachute system and the passenger harness.

Your instructor is the most qualified in the industry. A tandem instructor must have years of experience and have successfully passed intensive training and evaluations before receiving a rating to be a Tandem Master. Our instructors have extensive military and skydiving backgrounds, far exceeding industry standards.

You have chosen the right place to make your jump.  Skydive Sarasota !

Minimal Passenger Requirements

Skydive Sarasota

Be 18 years of age (No Exceptions)

Be in good physical health

Maximum passenger weight:  220 lb.  Please call for details.  In some cases this can be exceeded

Be ready to have a great time!

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